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Direct to Public Sales

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a webshop?

Would you be interested in finding out more about direct to public sales, instant funds and a completely hassle free way of obtaining a new revenue stream/income?

At Elle Media Group, we have been working closely with a number of Charities including Cats Protection, Scope and Age UK (to mention just a few) in developing and managing their Webshops, telesales and fulfilment. See below for a few interesting facts about the advantages of webshops:

cats webstie

  • Hassle free selling: we work with you to set up and manage your site, from domain purchase and management through to optimisation. We can also manage your mail order campaign and telesales/fulfilment all in-house.
  • Instant Funds: The proceeds from all sales will go direct into your own bank account, and are credited instantly.
  • Increased Donations: In our experience many customers donate extra money to the orders that they place with our Charities. This additional sum is quite significant and we handle these donations without any service charge to you.
  • Reduced overheads:  a Webshop costs far less to set up and run than a physical store, with minimal upfront costs.
  • Expanded geographical reach: You will be able to reach a wider audience. A local Charity can become nationwide or, even international, just through having a Webshop.
  • Being open for business 24/7: with automated order and payment processing, sales can be made at any time, and your customers can buy when it suits them. Our in-house telesales team are also available Monday to Friday to process orders and speak to your customers on the telephone.

card shop website


scope website

  • Broader potential customer base: a Webshop is an additional buying channel, capable of attracting customers who have not bought from you before.
  • Increased visibility for your Charity: with search engine optimisation and strictly managed mail order campaigns, an online shop becomes more accessible to customers searching for your products.

In 2015 a well known National Charity generated £183,000 in Christmas card sales and donations with an Elle Media Group fully managed public sales campaign.

Key achievements:

  • Excess of £150,000 raised through Christmas card sales, managed by Elle Media Group.
  • Excess of £30,000 raised in additional donations, managed by Elle Media Group.


  • To offer a fully managed solution for Christmas card sales to the public, outside of the Charity’s branches.
  • The solution must offer a higher margin for the Charity than the current solution.

The project:

  • Elle Media Group to create a webshop to seamlessly flow from the Charity’s main website; to be fully managed by Elle Media Group from domain purchase and hosting to content management.
  • Elle Media Group to produce a mail order campaign to 80,000 supporters of the Charity.
  • Elle Media Group to provide a telesales team and direct telephone line for phone orders and web support.
  • Payment for all sales on the webshop/mail order to be sent direct to the Charity.
  • Elle Media Group to provide comprehensive sales reports every 2 weeks.
  • Stock management to be handled by Elle Media Group.
  • Elle Media Group to manage all donations direct into the Charity’s bank account, and also manage Gift Aid eligibility.


  • The Charity saw an increase in profit from 10% to 60% on its Christmas cards sales sold outside of branch.
  • Excess of £150,000 raised through Christmas card sales, managed by Elle Media Group.
  • Excess of £30,000 raised in additional donations, managed by Elle Media Group.

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